Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #517: Upon Thy Servant, Called To Fill

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517 (C.M.) J. B. Cook

Upon Thy servant, called to fill

The deacon's sacred trust,

Oh, may Thy Spirit's grace distill,

And make him wise and just.

Help him Thy table, Lord, to spread,

With ref'rence to that night

When pow'rs of darkness at Thy head

Aimed their malignant spite.

By faith and pray'r may he uphold

His faithful pastor's hands,

And to his temp'ral wants afford

Such aid as God commands.

Thy poor, the objects of Thy love,

Who want and famine dread,

Oh, may his bow'ls toward them move

To grant supplies of bread.

Thus may he use his office well,

And to himself procure

Great boldness in the Christian faith,

And find the promise sure.

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