Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #518: Lord, In The Morning I Will Send

Hymn #517 Hymn #519

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518 (C.M.)

Lord, in the morning I will send

My cries to reach Thine ear;

Thou art my Father and my Friend,

My Help forever near.

Oh, lead me, keep me all this day

Near Thee in perfect peace;

Help me to watch, to watch and pray —

To pray, and never cease.

I know my roving feet will err,

Unless Thou be my guide;

Warn me of ev'ry foe and snare,

And keep me near Thy side.

Then shall I pass all danger safe,

And tread the tempter down;

My trust, my hope, joy, and relief,

Shall be in Thee alone.

Then let my moments sweetly run,

My hours thus pass away,

'Til ev'ning shade and setting sun

Conclude in endless day.

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