Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #525: The Year Of Time Has Rolled Away

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Ordinances, Institutions, and Occasions

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525 (L.M.) Wilson Thompson

The year of time has rolled away,

And we are brought to see the day

When we can take each other's hand

And worship in a social band.

See Zion's children gath'ring 'round,

To hear the gospel's trumpet sound,

The agèd soldier and the youth

Who serve one God and love the truth.

The watchmen on the stand are seen;

The grove around is dressed in green;

United voices join to sing

The lofty praises of our King.

Hail, you who love and serve one Lord,

One faith, one hope, one life, one word,

One body joined by love divine,

In one association join.

In council now we meet to hear

How Zion's borders doth appear,

If peace, and love, and union reign,

And gospel truth your cause sustains.

Thrice welcome, kindred, to this place;

We'll bow before the throne of grace,

And ask our God our souls to cheer,

And bless us while assembled here.

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