Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #529: His Death We Mourn, Who Lately Stood

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529 (L.M.)

His death we mourn, who lately stood

A herald of the mighty God;

Proclaimed the Saviour of our race,

And bore the message of His grace,

Laborious in his Master's cause,

His view nor lucre, nor applause;

To spend and to be spent resigned,

If souls through Christ salvation find.

But all his labors now are o'er,

And we shall hear his voice no more;

His dust lies silent in the tomb,

He's gone to heav'n, his final home.

Jesus, though earthly shepherds die,

Do Thou Thy churches still supply

With gifts instruction to impart —

Pastors according to Thy heart.

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