Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #530: Come Saints And Sinners, Now, Behold

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530 (L.M.) John Leland

Come saints and sinners, now, behold

How Jesus was baptized of old;

Like Him we now despise the shame

To be baptized in His dear name.

The Saviour's grave before us lies,

From whence He did triumphant rise;

We cheerful venture through the same,

And rise baptized in His dear name.

Then would our grateful hearts express

His ways are ways of pleasantness;

Our souls would feel a joyful frame,

And live baptized in His dear name.

Come, ye that love the Lord, and say,

"We will no longer disobey;"

If love divine your souls inflames,

Come, be baptized in Jesus' name."

Hymn #529 Hymn #531