Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #534: Jesus, Behold Thy Children Here

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534 (L.M.)

Jesus, behold Thy children here

Met in Thy name; do Thou draw near.

Remember Jordan, dearest Lord,

And gracious influence now afford.

Thy footsteps, O incarnate God,

Direct us in this pleasant road;

Nor would we e'er forsake this way,

Whatever friends or foes may say.

As we this wat'ry grave descend.

We on Thy death alone depend,

And while ascending up again.

Thy resurrection would proclaim.

Thus in a figure here we see

The gospel's glorious mystery;

Christ dead and buried, raised again,

And all to save rebellious men.

In mem'ry of this blessèd theme,

We re-enact this solemn scene.

And so proclaim to dying man.

Our only hope in Christ the Lamb.

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