Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #541: Deacons Awake, The Work Fulfill —

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Ordinances, Institutions, and Occasions

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541 (C.M.)

Deacons awake, the work fulfill —

The work to you assigned;

Discharge your sacred duties well

With pure and upright mind.

The table of your gracious Lord,

The Lord who for us died —

The church's poor and pastor's board,

By you must be supplied.

How great, how solemn your employ!

Preserve a conscience pure;

Be grave amid your social joy,

And blameless and sincere.

Still let the myst'ry of your faith

In bright effulgence glow;

Hear what the Lord your Saviour saith:

"Fulfill your work below."

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