Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #551: Convened From Diff'Rent Parts, O Lord

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551 (L.M.) William Dossey

Convened from diff'rent parts, O Lord,

We bow before Thy gracious throne;

Oh, may we speak and hear Thy word,

Relying on Thy grace alone!

May those that preach be well-prepared

The solemn message to impart;

In pray'r and faith may it be heard,

And find access to ev'ry heart.

Let party spleen, nor pride, nor shame,

Nor fear of man, that fatal snare,

Nor envious news, nor praise, nor blame,

Direct our thoughts, nor harbor there.

May love divine our feelings sway

And all our actions sweetly guide,

And sin and guilt be done away

Through Him who groaned, and bled, and died.

Awake, our souls, in sweetest lays;

Unite, our noblest pow'rs, to sing,

And hearts and voices, join to raise

The praise of Christ, our sov'reign King.

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