Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #552: My Brethren, Farewell; I Do You Now Tell

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552 (

My brethren, farewell; I do you now tell,

I'm sorry to leave you, I love you so well;

But now I must go, and where I don't know,

Wherever Christ bids me the trumpet to blow.

Strange friends I shall find; I hope they'll prove kind,

But people nor places shall alter my mind:

Wherever I be, I'll still pray for thee,

And, O, my dear brethren, do you pray for me.

'Tis here I've labored, and labored awhile,

And labor is sweet, if my Jesus doth smile;

And when I am done, I hope to go home,

Where Jesus is smiling, and bids me to come.

Poor mourners, adieu, I weep over you;

My heart's filled with sorrow, but still I must go;

If I see you no more 'til the trumpet doth sound,

May we meet in heaven, where pleasures are found.

'Tis there we shall meet, in harmony sweet,

All dressed in white linen, to bow at His feet;

We'll join the bright throng, and sing a new song,

All glory, all glory to God and the Lamb.

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