Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #553: When We Baptize, We See The Mode

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553 (L.M.) Richard Burnham

When we baptize, we see the mode

In honored Jordan's swelling flood;

We're deaf to vain tradition's voice —

The way Christ chose becomes our choice.

Down in the stream they both descend,

And John immersed the sinner's Friend;

Out of the water straightway came

The Church's Head, th'obedient Lamb.

The Baptist saw the heav'nly Dove

Descend from op'ning heav'ns above,

And now the Father's voice is heard,

Approving the incarnate Word.

"This is my well-belovèd Son,

Well-pleased am I with what He's done;

In all things He my will obeys;

Then hear and trust whate'er He says."

Now, ye believing souls, regard

The conduct of your glorious Lord;

Walk in His honored paths, and prove

How much your souls His precepts love.

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