Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #554: Head Of The Church, Thy Care We Bless

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554 (L.M.)

Head of the church, Thy care we bless,

Thy bounties are both rich and large;

While teachers on their teachings wait,

Our temp'rals are the deacon's charge.

Up to Thy throne we lift our eyes

For blessings to attend our choice

Of him whose gen'rous prudent zeal

Shall make Thy favored ways rejoice.

By purest love to Christ and truth,

May he obtain a good degree

Of boldness in the Christian faith,

And meet the smile of Thine and Thee.

And when the work to him assigned,

The work of love, is fully done,

Call him from serving tables here

To heav'n, his endless, blissful home.

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