Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #555: Brethren, I Bid You All Farewell

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555 (C.M.)

Brethren, I bid you all farewell,

And from my very heart,

Affectionately I do tell

That you and I must part.

And if I see you not again,

I trust that I can say,

My labor shall not be in vain,

That I have spent this day.

I trust I can to record call

All you that hear me now;

I have declared God's counsel all,

As He did me endow.

I now depart, I leave you here,

I leave you with the Lord;

And may we all henceforth appear,

And be of one accord.

And if we part to meet no more,

While we on earth remain,

Oh, may we meet on Canaan's shore,

And never part again.

There we shall join to sing God's praise,

And all His wonders tell,

And triumph in His holy ways;

So, brethren, fare you well.

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