Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #558: Lord, At Thy Table I Behold

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558 (C.M.) Samuel Stennett

Lord, at Thy table I behold

The wonders of Thy grace;

But most of all admire that I

Should find a welcome place;

I that was all defiled in sin,

A rebel to my God;

I that have crucified His Son

And trampled on His blood.

What strange, surprising grace is this,

That such a soul has room!

My Saviour takes me by the hand,

My Jesus bids me come.

"Eat, O my friends!" the Saviour cries,

"The feast was made for you;

For you I groaned, and bled and died,

And rose, and triumphed too."

With trembling faith and bleeding hearts,

Lord, we accept Thy love;

'Tis a rich banquet we have had,

What will it be above?

Ye saints below, and hosts of heav'n,

Join all your praising pow'rs;

No theme is like redeeming love,

No Saviour is like ours.

Had I ten thousand hearts, dear Lord,

I'd give them all to Thee;

Had I ten thousand tongues, they all

Should join the harmony.

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