Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #561: How Great, How Solemn Is The Work

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Ordinances, Institutions, and Occasions

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561 (C.M.) Benjamin Beddome

How great, how solemn is the work

Which we attend today!

Now for a holy, solemn frame,

O God, to Thee we pray.

O, may we feel — as once we felt,

When pained and grieved at heart —

Thy kind, forgiving, melting look,

Relieve our ev'ry smart.

Let graces then in exercise,

Be exercised again;

And, nurtured by celestial pow'r,

In exercise remain.

Awake our love, our fear, our hope,

Wake fortitude and joy;

Vain world begone; let things above

Our happy thoughts employ.

Whilst Thee, our Saviour and our God,

To all around we own;

Drive each rebellious, rival lust,

Each traitor from the throne.

Instruct our minds, our wills subdue,

To heav'n our passions raise;

That hence our lives, our all, may be

Devoted to Thy praise.

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