Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #562: Sov'Reign Of Life, I Own Thy Hand

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562 (C.M.) Philip Doddridge

Sov'reign of life, I own Thy hand

In ev'ry chast'ning stroke,

And while I smart beneath Thy rod,

Thy presence I invoke.

To Thee in my distress I cried,

And Thou hast bowed Thine ear;

Thy pow'rful word my life prolonged

And brought salvation near.

Unfold, ye gates of righteousness,

That, with the pious throng,

I may record my solemn vows

And tune my grateful song.

Praise to the Lord, whose gentle hand

Renews our lab'ring breath:

Praise to the Lord, who makes His saints

Triumphant e'en in death.

My God, in Thine appointed hour

Those heav'nly gates display,

Where pain and sin, and fear and death

Forever flee away.

There, while the nations of the blest

With raptures bow around,

My anthems to deliv'ring grace

In sweeter strains shall sound.

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