Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #564: Despise Me Not, My Carnal Friends

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564 (C.M.) Thomas Haweis

Despise me not, my carnal friends,

Lest you despise my Lord;

He bids me in the water go,

And I'll obey His word.

Christ is the Bishop of my soul;

He meekly did appear

In Jordan's stream, and was baptized

By John, His harbinger.

And shall I now refuse to do

What He's enjoined on me?

No — I'll through grace the cross forego,

And His disciple be.

The wat'ry grave I have in view,

It bids me hasten in;

To all the world I bid adieu,

To rise with Christ my King.

In Thee, my Lord, I put my trust,

With all I have or own,

Hoping that Thou wilt raise this dust,

To praise Thee on the throne.

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