Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #565: Father, We Bow Before Thy Throne

Hymn #564 Hymn #566

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565 (C.M.)

Father, we bow before Thy throne,

With hearts oppressed with grief;

Our pastor's gone; we're left alone;

Where shall we find relief?

Thy word he faithfully proclaimed,

His doctrines from it drew,

Regardless whether praised or blamed

So he Thy will might do.

Nor did he merely preach alone;

Obedience marked his way;

His holy life, as well as tongue,

Inclined to endless day.

We feel the loss of such a guide,

And now before Thy throne,

We pray his loss may be supplied,

Supplied by Thee alone.

Give us a pastor in his room,

To wipe our falling tears,

And guide and guard us safely on

From all our rising fears.

Hymn #564 Hymn #566