Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #57: By Nature, None Of Adam'S Race

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Creation and the Fall and Depravity of Man

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57 (L.M.) William Gadsby

By nature, none of Adam's race

Can boast of goodness in God's sight;

Sin plunged us all in sad disgrace;

Now nothing merely human's right.

Good men there are; but, be it known,

Their goodness dwells in Christ their Head!

United to God's only Son,

Their holiness can never fade.

In Him they stand complete and just;

His righteousness He gives to them;

Of this they sing, of this they boast,

Nor law nor Satan can condemn.

The One-in-Three, and Three-in-One,

Sets up His kingdom in their breasts;

And there, to make His wonders known,

He ever lives, and reigns, and rests.

Life, light, and holiness divine,

From Jesus they by faith receive;

The Spirit makes His graces shine,

And gives them pow'r in Christ to live.

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