Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #571: Great God, Dismiss Us In Thy Love

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571 (L.M.) Joseph Moon

Great God, dismiss us in Thy love,

Direct our minds and thoughts above;

Though we asunder here must part,

In tender love unite each heart.

Be with us, Lord, where'er we go;

Direct in all we say and do;

Keep us from hurtful snares and sin;

Watch o'er us 'til we meet again.

Be with us through the time of life;

Keep us from envy, hate, and strife;

From malice let our lives be free,

And know and worship only thee.

Be with us in that trying hour

When life shall cease, and death have pow'r;

Safe guide us all to heaven, then

We'll praise Thee evermore; Amen.

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