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Hymn #583: This Is The Feast Of Heav'Nly Wine

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583 (C.M.) William Cowper

This is the feast of heav'nly wine

And God invites to sup;

The juices of the living Vine

Were pressed to fill the cup.

O bless the Saviour, ye that eat,

With royal dainties fed;

Not heav'n affords a costlier treat,

For Jesus is the bread.

The vile, the lost, he calls to them,

Ye trembling souls appear!

The righteous in their own esteem

Have no acceptance here.

Approach, ye poor, nor dare refuse

The banquet spread for you;

Dear Saviour, this is welcome news,

Then I may venture too.

If guilt and sin afford a plea,

And may obtain a place,

Surely the Lord will welcome me,

And I shall see His face.

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