Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #586: Oh, Happy Day, When Saints Shall Meet

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586 (L.M.)

Oh, happy day, when saints shall meet,

To part no more! the thought is sweet!

No more to feel the rending smart,

Oft felt below when Christians part.

Oh, happy place! I still must say,

Where all but love is done away;

All cause of parting there is past,

Their social feast will ever last.

Such union here is sought in vain,

As there in ev'ry heart shall reign;

There separation can't compel

The saint to bid the sad farewell.

On earth, when friends together meet,

And find the passing movements sweet,

Time's rapid moments soon compel

With grief to say, Dear friends, farewell.

The happy season soon will come,

When saints shall meet in heav'n, their home;

Eternally with Christ to dwell,

Nor ever hear the sound, Farewell.

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