Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #59: Look Up, Ye Saints, Direct Your Eyes

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Creation and the Fall and Depravity of Man

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59 (L.M.) John Needham

Look up, ye saints, direct your eyes

To Him who dwells above the skies;

With your glad notes His praise rehearse

Who formed the mighty universe.

He spoke, and from the womb of night

At once sprang up the cheering light;

Him discord heard; and at His nod

Beauty awoke, and spoke the God.

The word He gave; th'obedient sun

Began His glorious race to run:

Nor silver moon, nor stars delay

To glide along th'etherial way.

Teeming with life, air, earth, and sea

Obey th'Almighty's high decree;

To every tribe He gives their food —

Then speaks the whole divinely good.

But to complete the wond'rous plan,

From earth and dust He fashions man;

In man the last, in him the best,

The Maker's image stands confessed.

Lord, while Thy glorious works I view,

Form Thou my heart and soul anew;

Here bid Thy purest light to shine,

Thy beauty glow with charms divine!

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