Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #594: Sons We Are, Through God'S Election

Hymn #593 Hymn #595

Doctrine and Exhortation

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594 (

Sons we are, through God's election,

Who in Jesus Christ believe:

By eternal destination

Sov'reign grace we here receive:

Lord, Thy mercy, Lord, Thy mercy

Does both grace and glory give.

Ev'ry fallen soul by sinning

Merits everlasting pain;

But Thy love, without beginning,

Has restored Thy sons again;

Countless millions, countless millions

Shall in life through Jesus reign.

Pause, my soul, adore and wonder,

Ask, oh, why such love for me?

Grace has put me in the number

Of the Saviour's family;

Hallelujah, Hallelujah:

Thanks, eternal thanks to Thee!

Since that love had no beginning,

And shall never, never cease,

Keep, O keep me, Lord, from sinning,

Guide me in the way of peace!

Make me walk in, make me walk in

All the paths of holiness.

When I quit this feeble mansion,

And my soul returns to Thee,

Let the pow'r of Thy ascension

Manifest itself in me:

Through Thy Spirit, through Thy Spirit

Give the final victory!

When the angel sounds the trumpet

When my soul and body join;

When my Saviour comes to judgment,

Bright in majesty divine,

Let me triumph, let me triumph

In Thy righteousness as mine.

When in that blest habitation

Which my God has fore-ordained,

When, in glory's full possession

I with saints and angels stand,

"Free grace only, Free grace only,"

Shall resound in heaven's land.

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