Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #618: Arise, My Thoughts, And Trace The Spring

Hymn #617 Hymn #619

Doctrine and Exhortation

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618 (C.M.) John Kent

Arise, my thoughts, and trace the spring

From whence salvation came;

Do Thou, celestial Spirit, bring

Thy soul-expanding flame.

'Twas settled in Jehovah's grace,

That deep, that most profound,

Before He gave the hills their place,

Or fixed creation's bound.

Great God! how deep Thy counsels lie;

Supreme in pow'r art Thou;

All things, to Thine omniscient eye,

Are one eternal now.

Thy thoughts of peace to Israel's race

From everlasting flowed;

And when Thou hid'st Thy lovely face,

Thou still art Israel's God.

In ties of blood, and nothing less,

We claim Thee as our own;

And God th'Eternal Spirit bless

Who makes the kindred known.

Long as the cov'nant shall endure,

Made by the Great Three-One,

Salvation is forever sure,

To ev'ry blood-bought son.

Hymn #617 Hymn #619