Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #620: Some Wise Men Of Opinions Boast

Hymn #619 Hymn #621

Doctrine and Exhortation

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620 (C.M.) John Berridge

Some wise men of opinions boast,

And sleep on doctrines sound;

But, Lord, let not my soul be lost

On such enchanted ground.

Oh, may my single aim be now

To live on Him that died,

And naught on earth desire to know,

But Jesus crucified!

Disputings only gender strife,

And gall a tender mind;

But godliness, in all its life,

At Jesus' cross we find.

Lord, let Thy wondrous cross employ

My musings all day long,

'Til, in the realms of purest joy,

I make it all my song.

Hymn #619 Hymn #621