Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #621: What Makes Mistaken Men Afraid

Hymn #620 Hymn #622

Doctrine and Exhortation

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621 (C.M.) Joseph Hart

What makes mistaken men afraid

Of sov'reign grace to preach?

The reason is, if truth be said,

Because they are so rich.

Why so offensive in their eyes

Does God's election seem?

Because they think themselves so wise

That they have chosen Him.

Of preservation why so loth

Are some to speak or hear?

Because, as masters over sloth,

They vow to persevere.

Whence is imputed righteousness

A point so little known?

Because men think they all possess

Some righteousness their own.

Not so the needy, helpless soul

Prefers his humble prayer;

He looks to Him that works the whole,

And seeks his treasure there.

His language is, "Let me, my God,

On sov'reign grace rely;

And own 'tis free, because bestowed

On one so vile as I.

"Election! 'tis a word divine;

For, Lord, I plainly see,

Had not Thy choice prevented mine,

I ne'er had chosen Thee.

"For perseverance, strength I've none,

But would on this depend —

That Jesus, having loved His own,

Will love them to the end.

"Empty and bare, I come to Thee

For righteousness divine;

Oh, may Thy matchless merits be

By imputation mine.

Hymn #620 Hymn #622