Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #641: A Child Of Jehovah, A Subject Of Grace

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Doctrine and Exhortation

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641 (

A child of Jehovah, a subject of grace,

I'm of the seed royal, a dignified race,

An heir of salvation, redeemèd with blood,

I'll own my relation, my Father is God!

He loved me of old, and he loveth me still;

Before the creation He gave me by will

A portion worth more than the Indies of gold,

Which can not be wasted, nor mortgaged, nor sold.

He gave me a Surety, a covenant Head,

To live in my name, and to die in my stead,

He gave me a righteousness wholly divine,

And viewed all the merits of Jesus as mine.

He gave a Preceptor infallibly wise,

And treasures of grace to be sent in supplies;

Yea, all that I ask for my Father hath giv'n

To help me on earth, and to crown me in heav'n.

My cross and my crown are both willed by my God,

He swore to His will, and then sealed it with blood;

'Tis proved by the Spirit, the witness within,

'Tis mine to inherit, I'll glory begin.

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