Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #647: O'Er Mercy'S Unfathomed Abyss

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Doctrine and Exhortation

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647 ( John Kent

O'er mercy's unfathomed abyss,

The vessels of mercy shall rove,

O'erwhelmed with ineffable bliss,

And oceans of permanent love;

When ages on ages are gone,

Fresh glories shall rise to the view;

And rolling eternally on,

Forever their bliss shall renew.

No galley with oars shall be there,

To pass by the strength of free-will;

For those who to Sinai adhere.

Its precepts are bound to fulfill;

But we for the city of God,

From Sinai are glad to retire,

And find in the Lamb and His blood.

All things that the law can require.

The remnant in Jesus that's blessed,

Whom God from eternity chose,

Shall enter the haven of rest,

Though earth, hell and sin may oppose.

Then, oh, how delightful the song!

When all in the chorus shall join —

The weaklings as well as the strong —

With shoutings and triumphs divine!

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