Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #655: Mid Scenes Of Confusion And Creature Complaints

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Death, Resurrection, and Eternity

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655 (P.M.) David Denham

Mid scenes of confusion and creature complaints

How sweet to my soul is communion with saints!

To find at the banquet of mercy there's room.

And feel in the presence of Jesus at home!

Home, home, sweet, sweet home,

Prepare me, dear Saviour, for glory my home.

Sweet bonds that unite all the children of peace,

And thrice blessèd Jesus, whose love can not cease;

Though oft from Thy presence in sadness I roam,

I long to behold Thee in glory at home;

Home, home, &c.

I sigh from this body of sin to be free,

Which hinders my joy and communion with Thee;

Though now my temptations like billows may foam,

All, all will be peace when I'm with Thee at home:

Home, home, &c.

While here in the valley of conflict I stay,

Oh, give me submission and strength as my day;

In all my afflictions to Thee I would come,

Rejoicing in hope of my glorious home:

Home, home, &c.

Whate'er Thou deniest, oh, give me Thy grace,

The Spirit's sure witness, and smiles of Thy face;

Indulge me with patience to wait at Thy throne,

And find even now a foretaste of my home:

Home, home, &c.

I long, dearest Lord, in Thy beauties to shine,

No more as an exile in sorrow to pine;

And in Thy dear image arise from the tomb,

With glorified millions to praise Thee at home:

Home, home, sweet, sweet home,

Receive me, dear Saviour, in glory, my home.

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