Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #67: "Go, Search The Scriptures," Saith Our Lord

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The Scriptures

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67 (C.M.) John Kent

"Go, search the Scriptures," saith our Lord,

"They testify of Me;"

'Tis truth's eternal, great record,

From every error free.

There His eternal Godhead shines

With bright, refulgent rays;

There beam Jehovah's great designs,

From everlasting days.

There the great gospel scheme behold,

Chief of the works of God,

Replete with grace and love untold,

And pardon sealed with blood.

There's armor for the trying day,

Both shield and helmet too;

And grace, the fainting soul to stay,

And always something new.

There's balm to heal the wounds of sin,

On life's fair tree it grows;

And blood to wash your garments in,

From Jesus' side it flows.

Oh, may the Spirit's influence sweet

Shine on the glorious whole,

Its precepts guide my roving feet,

And promise feast my soul.

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