Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #676: The Angels That Watched 'Round The Tomb

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Death, Resurrection, and Eternity

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676 ( William Collyer

The angels that watched 'round the tomb

Where, lo! the Redeemer was laid,

When deep in mortality's gloom,

He hid for a season His head;

That veilèd their face while He slept,

And ceased their sweet harps to employ,

Have witnessed His rising, and swept

The chords with the triumph of joy.

Dear saints, who once languished below,

But long since have entered your rest;

I pant to be glorified, too,

And lean on Immanuel's breast.

The grave in which Jesus was laid,

Has buried my guilt and my fears,

And while I consider its shade,

The light of His presence appears.

Oh, sweet is the season of rest,

When life's weary journey is done,

The blush that spreads over its west

The last ling'ring ray of its sun.

Though dreary the empire of night,

I soon shall emerge from its gloom,

And see immortality's light

Arise on the shades of the tomb.

Then welcome the last rending sighs,

When these aching heart-strings shall break,

When death shall extinguish these eyes,

And moisten with dew the pale cheek.

No terror the prospect begets,

I am not mortality's slave,

The sunbeam of life as it sets,

Leaves a halo of peace in the grave.

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