Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #721: When, Bending O'Er The Brink Of Life

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Death, Resurrection, and Eternity

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721 (C.M.) William Collyer

When, bending o'er the brink of life,

My trembling soul shall stand

Waiting to pass death's awful flood,

Great God, at Thy command —

Thou Source of life and joy supreme,

Whose arm alone can save,

Dispel the darkness that surrounds

The entrance to the grave.

Lay Thy supporting gentle hand

Beneath my sinking head;

And, with a ray of life divine

Illume my dying bed!

Leaning on Thy dear, faithful breast

May I resign my breath,

And in Thy sweet embraces lose

The bitterness of death.

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