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Hymn #73: The Bible Is The Book Of Books

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The Scriptures

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73 (C.M.) I. T. Saunders

The Bible is the book of books,

The Christian's precious chart;

In search of truth therein he looks,

And binds it to his heart.

To him, it is the word of God

By inspiration giv'n;

He gains instruction from the word

That lights his path to heav'n.

Eternal truth in ev'ry line —

A precious treasure, too;

Each page shows wisdom all divine

And teaches what is true.

We find the law of God therein;

The gospel truth beside;

They show the magnitude of sin,

And why the Saviour died.

Angels desire to know the mind

Which God to Zion shows,

Of secret things the most sublime

Unfolding joyful news.

If angels try to seek and pry,

God's holy will to scan,

We cannot prize that book too high

Which shows His will to man.

Instruct us, Lord, to use Thy word,

To fight and never yield;

To take the Holy Spirit's sword

And with it take the field.

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