Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #734: Jesus, Thou Art The Sinner'S Friend

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734 (C.M.) Richard Burnham

Jesus, Thou art the sinner's friend,

As such I look to Thee:

Now in the the bowels of Thy love,

O Lord, remember me.

Remember Thy pure word of grace,

Remember Calvary;

Remember all Thy dying groans,

And then remember me.

Thou wond'rous advocate with God,

I yield myself to Thee;

While Thou art sitting on the throne,

Dear Lord, remember me.

I own I'm guilty, own I'm vile,

Yet Thy salvation's free;

Then in Thy all-abounding grace,

Dear Lord, remember me.

Howe'er forsaken or distressed,

Howe'er oppressed I be,

Howe'er afflicted here on earth,

Do Thou remember me.

And when I close my eyes in death,

And creature helps all flee,

Then, O my dear Redeemer God,

I pray remember me.

Hymn #733 Hymn #735