Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #747: There Is A Spot To Me More Dear

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747 ( William Hunter

There is a spot to me more dear

Than native vale or mountain,

A spot for which affection's tear

Springs grateful from its fountain.

'Tis not where kindred souls abound

Though that on earth is heaven,

But where I first my Saviour found,

And felt my sins forgiven.

Hard was my toil to reach the shore,

Long tossed upon the ocean;

Above me was the thunder's roar,

Beneath, the waves' commotion.

Darkly the pall of night was thrown

Around me, faint with terror;

In that dark hour how did my groan

Ascend for years of error!

Sinking and panting as for breath,

I knew not help was near me,

And cried, "O save me, Lord, from death!

Immortal Jesus, hear me!"

Then, quick as thought, I felt Him mine,

My Saviour stood before me;

I saw His brightness round me shine,

And shouted, "Glory, glory!"

O sacred hour! O hallowed spot!

Where love divine first found me!

Wherever falls my distant lot,

My heart shall linger round thee!

And when from earth I rise to soar

Up to my home in heaven,

Down will I cast my eyes once more,

Where I was first forgiven.

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