Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #753: Scarce, In This Cold, Declining Day

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753 (C.M.)

Scarce, in this cold, declining day,

Can one for God be found;

Christians have lost their zeal to pray,

And yielded up the ground.

Scarce can the sons of God be known,

From Satan's captives led;

They've David's sling, but not his stone

That slew Goliath dead.

Lulled in Delilah's traitor arms,

Her courtship proves a snare;

Deluded by her flatt'ring charms,

They've lost their Samson hair.

But shall the Lord His cause forsake

And leave His sons forlorn?

Shall Dagon down His purpose break,

And sit upon His throne ?

Their Samson hair again shall grow.

Their strength again renew,

Down shall they Dagon's temple throw

With all the mocking crew.

Help us again, we humbly pray,

Jehovah-Jireh, Lord,

To plant our footsteps in the way

That leads to Thee, our God.

Again from Thee no more to stray,

No more to leave Thy fold,

But in Thy presence ever stay,

Thy glories to behold.

Oh, may Thy beauties ever be

Our souls' eternal food,

And grace command our souls away

From all created good.

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