Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #756: Sweet The Moments, Rich In Blessing

Hymn #755 Hymn #757


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756 (8s,7s.D) James Allen

Sweet the moments, rich in blessing,

Which before the cross I spend,

Life and health and peace possessing

From the sinner's dying Friend.

Here I'll sit, forever viewing

Mercy streaming in His blood;

Precious drops, my soul bedewing,

Plead and claim my peace with God.

Truly blessèd is this station,

Low before His cross to lie,

While I see divine compassion

Floating in His languid eye.

Here it is I find my heaven,

While upon the Lamb I gaze;

Love I much — I've much forgiven! —

I'm a miracle of grace.

Love and grief my heart dividing,

With my tears His feet I bathe;

Constant, still, in faith abiding,

Life deriving from His death.

May I still enjoy this feeling,

In all need to Jesus go;

Prove His wounds each day more healing,

And Himself more deeply know.

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