Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #758: Saviour, Look With Pity Downward On This Favored Nation All

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758 (8s,7s.D) Wilson Thompson

Saviour, look with pity downward on this favored nation all,

See how sin the heart's beguilèd, and a ruined race enthralls;

May Thy Spirit come with power, and the hardest heart melt down,

Give them life and light, and feeling; let them hear the joyful sound.

O reveal Thy great salvation, show Thyself to sinners, show;

Break the tempter's wily power, and the stubborn neck will bow;

May Thy love, Thy grace, Thy mercy, and Thy goodness on them shine,

This will lead them to repentance, and confess the work is Thine.

This withheld, Lord, they are ruined; Sinai thunders all in vain;

Law or gospel, death and judgment, never will the dead reclaim.

Till Thy Spirit does them quicken, and renews the blinded soul;

Then alone they'll know they're needy; Thou alone can'st make them whole;

While for sinners we are praying, send Thy Spirit's powers down;

May they feel, while here they're staying, pardon from Immanuel's throne;

Then shall love and zeal inspire ev'ry heart with joy and peace,

Then shall praises fill the choir, Saviour, when Thy grace we see.

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