Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #763: When Sorrows Encompass Me Round

Hymn #762 Hymn #764


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763 (P.M.) H. S. Reese

When sorrows encompass me round,

And many distresses I see,

Astonished I cry, Can a mortal be found

Surrounded with troubles like me?

Few seasons of peace I enjoy,

And they are succeeded by pain;

If e'er a few moments in praise I employ

I've hoùrs and days to complain.

Oh, when will my sorrows subside?

Oh, when will my sufferings cease?

Oh, when to the bosom of Christ be conveyed,

To mansions of glory and bliss?

May I be prepared for that day,

When Jesus shall bid me remove,

That I may in raptures go shouting away

To th' arms of my heavenly Love.

My spirit to glory conveyed,

My body laid low in the ground,

I wish not a tear at my grave to be shed,

But all join in praising around.

No sorrow be vented that day

When Jesus hath callèd me home;

With singing and shouting let each brother say,

"He's gone from the evil to come."

If souls just departed can know,

Or visit their brethren beneath,

My spirit shall join you, while singing you go,

And leave all my cares in the grave.

Immersed in the ocean of love,

My soul in its rapture shall sing,

'Til Christ shall descend with a shout from above,

And make all creation to ring.

Our bodies, in dust, shall obey,

And swifter than thought shall arise;

Then, changed in a moment, go shouting away,

To mansions of love in the skies.

Hymn #762 Hymn #764