Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #764: Our Heav'Nly Father Calls

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764 (S.M.) Philip Doddridge

Our heav'nly Father calls,

And Christ invites us near;

With both our friendship shall be sweet,

And our communion dear.

God pities all our griefs;

Supplies us ev'ry day;

Almighty to protect our souls

And wise to guide our way.

How large His bounties are!

What various stores of good,

Diffused from our Redeemer's hand,

And granted with His blood!

Jesus, our living Head,

We bless Thy faithful care;

Our advocate before the throne,

And our forerunner there.

Here fix my roving heart!

Here wait my warmest love,

'Til the communion be complete

In nobler scenes above.

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