Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #768: Dear Redeemer, Keep Me Free

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768 (P.M.) D. H. Goble

Dear Redeemer, keep me free

Precious Jesus, free in thee,

From all evil every hour,

By thy Spirit's healing power.


Saviour, hear, draw me near,

Keep me in thy tender care,

Safe from every chilling blast,

Then I'll rest in thee at last.

O, the comfort and the joy,

Of thy presence, nor alloy!

Then to thee how sweet to sing!

Dearly blessed Lord and King.

Yea, with contrite heart each day

Sing thy praise in richest lay;

And when life on earth is done,

May I dwell with thee at home,

There to join th' angelic throng,

And the blood-washed saints in song,

And in richest diadem,

Singing, "Glory, and Amen;

"Glory to the great I AM,

Highest honor to the Lamb;

Halleluia and amen,

Praises, glory, yea, amen."

Hymn #767 Hymn #769