Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #77: Brethren, Why Toil Ye Thus For Toys

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77 (P.M.) Joseph Hart

Brethren, why toil ye thus for toys,

And reckon trash for treasure?

Call gay deceptions solid joys,

Intoxication pleasure?

Reflect what trifles ye pursue,

So anxious and so heedful;

For, after all, you'll find it true,

There is but one thing needful.

God in his Scriptures to reveal

His will has condescended;

What there is said he will fulfil,

Though man may be offended.

This written word with reverence treat;

Join prayer with each inspection;

And be not wise in self-conceit;

'Tis folly to perfection.

The chief concern of fall'n mankind

Should be t'enjoy God's favor;

What rest can a poor sinner find

Before he finds a Saviour?

True wisdom, of celestial birth,

Can both instruct and cherish;

Other attainments are of earth,

And all that's earth must perish.

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