Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #775: Since Man By Sin Has Strayed From God

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775 (S.M.)

Since man by sin has strayed from God,

He seeks creation through,

And vainly hopes for solid bliss

In trying something new.

The new possessed, like fading flow'rs,

Soon loses its gay hue;

His fancy it no longer suits:

The soul wants something new.

And could we call creation ours,

And all its wealth review,

The mind would feel an aching void

And still want something new.

But when we feel a Saviour's love,

All good in Him we view;

The soul forsakes its vain delights —

In Christ, finds all things new.

The joys the dear Redeemer brings,

Will bear a strict review;

Nor need we ever change again,

For Christ is always new.

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