Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #777: O Beautiful Hills Of Galilee

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777 (P.M.) Thomas Ausmus

O beautiful hills of Galilee!

Amid whose scenes the Saviour dwelt,

Your flow'rs that bloom so beautifully,

Of heaven's lasting beauties tell.


We're travelling home, we're travelling home;

One by one, we're travelling home;

Across death's river our friends are gone,

And we are following, one by one.

"Then, O poor soul, if you would be

Thus clothed in robes as pure as they,

Lay all else down, come follow me;

My love shall last through endless day."

My soul replies, "'Tis not for me,"

With tears fast streaming from mine eyes;

That voice still calls, "Come, follow me,

We're going home beyond the skies.

"I come your maladies to heal,

I left my Father's home on high;

His wondrous love I thus reveal,

And thus are trembling souls brought nigh.

"I go away — I'll come again,

My Holy Spirit hov'ring round,

To show that for you I was slain,

And guard you 'til the trump shall sound."

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