Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #783: Come Humble Souls, Ye Mourners, Come

Hymn #782 Hymn #784


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783 (C.M.) Ottiwell Heginbotham

Come humble souls, ye mourners, come,

And wipe away your tears;

Adieu to all your sad complaints,

Your sorrows and your fears.

Come shout aloud the Father's grace,

And sing the Saviour's love;

Soon shall you join the glorious theme,

In loftier strains above.

Thanks to my God for ev'ry gift

His bounteous hands bestow;

And thanks eternal for that love

Whence all those comforts flow.

Forever let my grateful heart

His boundless grace adore,

Which gives ten thousand blessings now,

And bids me hope for more.

Transporting hope! Still in my soul

Let thy sweet glories shine,

'Til thou thyself art lost in joys,

Immortal and divine!

Hymn #782 Hymn #784