Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #789: The Worth Of Truth No Tongue Can Tell

Hymn #788 Hymn #790


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789 (L.M.)

The worth of truth no tongue can tell,

'Twill do to buy, but not to sell;

A large estate that soul has got

Who buys the truth and sells it not.

Truth, like a diamond, shines most fair,

More rich than pearls and rubies are;

More worth than gold and silver coin;

Oh, may it always on us shine!

'Tis truth that binds, and truth makes free,

And sets the soul at liberty

From sin and Satan's heavy chain,

And then within the heart doth reign.

They have a freedom then indeed,

That doth all freedom else exceed —

Freedom from guilt, freedom from woe —

And never more shall bondage know.

Oh, happy they who in their youth,

Are brought to know and love the truth,

For none but they whom truth makes free,

Can e'er enjoy true liberty.

Truth like a girdle let us wear,

And always keep it clean and fair;

And never let it once be told,

The truth by us was ever sold.

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