Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #793: Come, All Ye Mourning Pilgrims Dear

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793 (P.M.) John Granade

Come, all ye mourning pilgrims dear,

Who're bound for Canaan's land,

Take courage and fight valiantly,

Stand fast with sword in hand;

Our Captain's gone before us,

Our Father's only Son,

Then, pilgrims dear, pray, do not fear,

But let us follow on.

We have a howling wilderness,

To Canaan's happy shore,

A land of dearth, and pits, and snares,

Where chilling winds do roar.

But Jesus will be with us,

And guard us by the way;

Though enemies examine us,

He'll teach us what to say.

Already to my raptured sight,

The blissful fields arise,

And plenty spreads her smiling stores,

Inviting to my eyes.

O land of rest eternal!

I soon shall travel there,

Nor earth nor all her empty joys

Shall long detain me here.

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