Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #8: Where From Thy Spirit Shall I Stretch

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Glories of God

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8 (C.M.) Thomas Blacklock

Where from Thy Spirit shall I stretch

The pinions of my flight?

Or where through nature's spacious range

Shall I elude thy sight?

Scaled I the skies, the blaze divine

Would overwhelm my soul;

Plunged I to hell, there should I hear

Thine awful thunders roll.

If on a morning's darting ray

With matchless speed I rode,

And flew to the wild lonely shore,

That bounds the ocean's flood.

Thither thy hand, all-present God,

Must guide the wondrous way,

And thine omnipotence support

The fabric of my clay.

Should I involve myself around

With clouds of tenfold light,

The clouds would shine like blazing seas

Before Thy piercing sight.

If in Thy being so enclosed,

How vain th'attempt to fly,

Since ev'ry rising bud of thought

Is naked to Thine eye!

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