Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #804: Blest Jesus, Source Of Grace Divine

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804 (L.M.) Philip Doddridge

Blest Jesus, source of grace divine,

What soul-refreshing streams are Thine!

Oh, bring these healing waters nigh,

Or we must droop, and fall, and die.

No traveler through desert lands,

'Midst scorching suns and burning sands,

More needs the current to obtain,

Or to enjoy refreshing rain.

Our longing souls aloud would sing,

Spring up, celestial fountain, spring

To a redundant river flow,

And cheer this thirsty land below.

May this blest torrent near my side

Through all the desert gently glide;

Then in Immanuel's land above,

Spread to a sea of joy and love.

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