Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #807: In Vain We Lavish Out Our Lives

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807 (C.M.) Isaac Watts

In vain we lavish out our lives

To gather empty wind:

The choicest blessings earth can yield

Will starve a hungry mind.

The Lord will feed His people's souls

With more substantial meat,

With such as saints in glory love,

With such as angels eat.

He'll cleanse our sinful, spotted souls,

And wash away our stains

In the dear fountain that His Son

Poured from His dying veins.

Our heart, that flinty, stubborn thing,

That terrors cannot move,

That fears no threat'nings of His wrath,

Shall be dissolved by love.

There shall His sacred Spirit dwell,

And deep engrave His law,

And ev'ry motion of our souls

To swift obedience draw.

Thus will He pour salvation down,

And we shall render praise;

We the dear people of His love,

And He our God of grace.

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